Friday, April 22, 2011


We spent most of our time in
the downtown historical
Savannah area but one
morning we did drive out to Tybee Island.
It wasn't our favorite part of the trip
but we did climb the 178 steps to
the top of this historic lighthouse
which was built in 1732.

The view from the top.
The island in very 1950-ish.
The beach was big but there were no
crashing waves so I felt cheated,
The day we went to Tybee Island I had hoped to visit
the Bonaventure Cemetery but I was not feeling
too great so we skipped it.
However, there was the Colonial Park Cemetery
within our walking distance so we did visit it.
It is the final resting place for Revolutionary soldiers
and also about 700 people who died of
Yellow Fever in 1820
During the Civil War the Union soldiers camped here
and changed some of the dates and names
on the tombstones and moved them around.
The whole back wall of the cemetery had these stones
that no one knows where they belong.

Although Savannah is 20 minutes away from the ocean,
they are on the river and they have a kind of 'river walk'
with shops and restaurants along the way.
This is Huey's where we had lunch along the river one day.
Goose Feathers was our favorite breakfast/bakery spot.
And of course we had to eat at Lady & Sons.
The food was good but nothing spectacular.
You have to make a reservation early in the day and
when you show up they tell you to go across the
street and wait until they call your name.
This is about half of the crowd waiting for the 5:00 seating.
We had a great lunch at Six Pence - an English pub.
Julia Roberts fans might recognize it from one
of her movies. I don't remember the name
but she stood looking in the window at her husband
with a baby in her arms.
We spent most of our time wandering the area which was
built in grids with 22 city park 'squares'.
It was modeled with an European flair.
This is a huge cathedral which was started before 1850.
Pretty fancy.
We didn't eat at every restaurant or tour every home
but we loved just wandering from square to square
and taking in the sights.
With this picture think Forest Gump-
remember the feather floating down?
This is the square where he sat waiting for the bus.
You'll notice there is no bench - it's in a museum
because they were afraid it would be vandalized if left out.
But we did get to see Forest -
This is the City Market - more little shops
and restaurants. This is across the square from our
hotel so we ate in here a few times.
The squares were all different but
most either had fountains or monuments -
and they all had lots of benches which were
favorite places to eat, read, or just relax.
We did not stay here but this is a haunted
bed and breakfast - the Kehoe House.
We did tour this home - the Isaiah Davenport home.
Built around 1815 this was not considered the
home of a wealthy family but it was pretty neat.
This was my favorite - The Owens-Thomas House.
Built around 1816 - it doesn't look like much from
the outside but the inside had a lot of character.
It even had a 'bridge' on the second level.
Of course you're not allowed to take pictures inside.
I found the streets very quaint.
Our hotel - Avia- is in the background.
We opted for a modern hotel with
good plumbing.
The statue is of John Mercer,
a songwriter who wrote Moon River and
Days of Wine and Roses.
The squares usually each had their own significance.
Usually where there was a monument there was a body
or two buried beneath it.
This is the Mercer-Williams home which we did tour.
It was the location for the movie
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
This house was also in the movie -
it was the judge's home.

Just a few more homes and squares we enjoyed
as we wandered:

Steve was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed
the city - I think he was dreading the whole trip.
It's a great walking city with lots of history but be sure
to go when it's pleasant weather - I hear it gets awful
hot and humid during the summer.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Coen is 4!

We celebrated Coen's 4th Birthday this week.
It was a good time and the kids always have fun.
Popo managed to grab him for a few seconds
during all his running around.
Sweet little Hadley trying to keep up with all the fun.
Jax and Ayden
Spencer playing 'hide and seek'
Gracie watching Coen getting ready to blow out his candle.
Coen is such a cute little stinker -
you know how those 'middle' children are.
Love you always Coen and Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look Who's Seven!

Our sweet baby Spencer is
growing so fast.
These seven years have gone too quickly!

Brother Coen - he has a birthday in a few weeks.
Gracie eyeing the cake and ice cream - yum.
Ayden giving in to giving Nana a smile.
Jax will give me a smile but he doesn't want to take
his eyes off something.
Baby Hadley helping Daddy put Spencer's new toys together.
One of those rare moments when all six were present
and agreeable for a picture.
They had at least 3 cameras on them so
that's why they are looking in all directions -
but hey - I'll take what I can get.
Happy Birthday Spencer - love you always!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Birthday Season Begins

We celebrated GG and Jessie's birthday last night.

Happy Birthday Millie (GG) and

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas season has been one of the most
hectic and yet memorable ones we've had.
There have been days I've enjoyed the holiday
and days I couldn't wait for it to be over.
We did have the best kind of
'White Christmas' -
beautiful white snow without ice or too many inches.

Of course, most of you know the hectic part has been
the excitement of the public's demand for the
music and video of Steve & Becky's song,
"Where's The Line To See Jesus."
They were so busy all of December with
orders, emails, interviews, etc. etc.
which involved the whole family at least some of the time.
Even Spencer had to do some interviews and photo shoots.
It seemed almost unreal when Christmas Eve actually finally arrived.
We always go to Pietro's with Steve's family for Christmas Eve.

Hadley with her momma Jen.

Gracie with her Uncle Karl.

Brothers Coen & Spencer with cousin Jackson.

Jackson with sister Ayden.

After dinner we go over to Paul & Nancy's for cookies and games.

Hadley playing ping pong.

Ayden taking in all of the commotion -
Paul has about 7 pinball machines.

Coen playing pinball.

Robbie and Spencer playing some WII game.

Gracie enjoying the quieter corner with a cookie.

Jackson learning the pinball skills.

Christmas Day I woke up not feeling at all well.
Not wanting to just cancel Christmas I made Steve do
all the hands on cooking while I supervised.
However, I never even got out my camera
so you'll just have to believe they all seemed to enjoy
the food and I think the kids enjoyed opening gifts.
I know Coen told me more than once that he
really liked the gifts I got him - such a sweetie.
We even had special guests Alan, Angie, Ben, & Mindy.
I enjoyed visiting even though I didn't eat a bite all day
and I appreciated everyone's tolerance of my
sad excuse for hospitality that day.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas
and will enjoy a Happy New Year!