Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandkids at Rotolite Party - or - Trying to Capture Spencer

CoenAyden with her daddy Stevie
Gracie with her Uncle Karl
Cousins Gracie & Ayden

Yesterday was one of those fun pre-Christmas days when I was able to watch Spencer perform in his preschool performance (he was the best one!!) and then we had our Annual Rotolite Party.
I often have trouble catching the kids at the right moment for a good photo shot. But as you can see above, the babies at least sit still for a few moments for me. Below are 16 of the 21 shots I took trying to get Spencer. He has so many cute expressions though I had to post them all. There are a lot of benefits to digital cameras!!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family & friends - Merry Christmas!!

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Becky said...

That collage of Spencer is hilarious! I love it! Good pics mom!! :)