Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Blog for Spencer

The last few times I've been over to see Spencer he has crawled up in my lap and asked me to tell him a story - his mom says he's been asking her for stories a lot lately and he has his favorites he likes to hear.  She and I usually tell him a true story about someone in the family but sometimes he makes up his own story that he wants you to tell - like the one where I catch an octopus.   
Jen likes to tell him about when she and Becky dressed up Stevie in a dress and I do actually have that picture but I wasn't sure if Stevie would appreciate that one being on the blog.  (I"ll show it to you when you come over though, Spencer)
Another favorite of his is when I was a little girl and I'd visit my grandparents on the farm.  Since they had outdoor plumbing you had to make a trip to the outhouse when the need arose.  Grandpa had a mean old rooster that would chase you across the yard and try to spur you and Grandpa would come out and chase the old rooster away. 

Above is a picture of my Grandpa and below is a picture of me at the farm.

Another favorite story is when daddy took me out in a boat at Reelfoot Lake to fish and I refused to bait my own hook or remove fish from said hook.   I was catching fish so fast that he never had a chance to do his own fishing - and that was my last trip out on a boat because he said I couldn't go again until I learned to do my own baiting - which I was never gonna do!!  
This is a picture of me with my catch that day.

He also likes to hear about my friend Roger - how we would not ring doorbells but I would stand outside and holler "O Roger!" at the top of my lungs.  I told Spencer about me trying to jump over the fire hydrant and splitting my head open.  I told him how Roger and I often played "Superman & Supergirl" or played with his huge train set that he had.   Below is a picture of us playing 'house' - although I was a tomboy Roger was fair in playing 'my' games too.

One more favorite of Spencer's - about our trip to the library on a hot day when the car windows were down and Jen saying in her very matter-of-fact way "Becky just threw her shoe out the window."  Below is a picture of about how old Mommy and Aunt Becky were at that time.
And the last two pictures are just some I thought Spencer might get a kick out of.  
This is your mom's collection of stuffed animals when she was about your age.  Some of them are probably Aunt Becky's too and most of them are curtesy of GG.
And I just thought Spencer would like this picture of Uncle Stevie and Popo since he is so big time into Superheroes.
I guess I'll have to start remembering some more stories - I can always use some help if anyone can think of any I could share with the grandkids.


Becky said...

Cute post mom! I was actually just thinking about that picture of me and Jenny with all of the stuffed animals, because that is now one of Grace's favorite things to do... pile up the animals!!! :) I'm sure Spencer will love all of your stories!

Jen Reijgers said...

Spencer loved this blog and said "Awww" when he saw the picture of you when you were little. He has some questions for you though, "Where is a picture of the rooster?", "Why does Popo and your house look funny and different?" and "Do you still have all those stuffed animals, are they in the garage or something?" He wants to see more pictures, especially the one of Stevie dressed up as a girl.

Denise said...

Love this post! The picture of you and Roger, was that taken at your house or Roger? Also, what was the name of your imaginary friend?

lilabet said...

Denise - I'm pretty sure that was our back porch room before they built the inside stairs to the basement. And my imaginary friend was Roy but I was afraid to tell him that story or he might decide he needs an imaginary friend.
Jen - I didn't even think about Spencer noticing the different decor - such a clever boy.

lilabet said...
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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Spencer look a lot like his Uncle Steve?

Suzanne Barbiea

Kathryn said...

So sweet of you to share all this with Spencer--and us.