Monday, February 22, 2010

The Times Are A'Changing

Just looked at the calendar and realized that Mama would have turned 91 tomorrow if she were still with us. Hard to believe she's been gone 20 years.
Then I started thinking about all the differences since the day she was born in 1919,
For example:
*My grandchildren are delivered in a hospital and must have a proper car seat before they can be released. They come home to a life of cell phones, computers, HD color television with 100+ stations, music on CD's or ipods, movies on demand on TV, and dishwashers or even paper plates.
*My kids were delivered in a hospital but we were required to hold our baby for the ride home - no car seats until they were toddlers. We had a house phone maybe with an answering machine, the only computers were room size for businesses, color television with 5 stations, music on radio or tapes, movies on VHS, and dishwashers.
*I was delivered in a hospital (although my older siblings were not), brought home in a car - I'm sure there were no car seats because there weren't even any seat belts. We had a house phone with a party line, never heard of a computer. I'm not sure when we got a TV but it was a very small black and white with just a few stations. Music was records and radio, movies at the theater, and dishes were washed by hand in the kitchen sink.
*I'm not sure about all this but it's most likely: When mom was delivered it was probably at home by a doctor or midwife. They may have had a car but more likely they didn't. It's possible they didn't even have electricity but I'm sure they didn't have television or computers. They probably didn't have a phone in their home and their music was what they made with instruments and voice. The only movies back then were like Laurel and Hardy or Charle Chaplin and I doubt they got to see many if any. And the dished got washed by going out back and hauling in water from the pump.
I have to wonder what it will be like when my great-grandchildren are born??

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Becky said...

You didn't put me in a carseat?!?!?!?!?! :) Just kidding! hehe