Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becky & Karl's Birthday

For all of those who read Jen & Becky's blogs -
most of these pictures will look pretty familiar -
we all seem to point our cameras in the same direction - but
Happy Belated Birthday Becky
and Happy Early Birthday Karl
Nate - notice how they each blow out their own candle :)
(you know I'm teasing!)
I'm not sure if Nate is crooked or it's the picture?
Karl getting some help opening his presents.
Gracie Girl being silly.
Big smile from Ayden.
Sweet little Hadley.
Jax stood still for a split second for me-love those cheeks.
Spencer being his sweet self and growing too fast.
Gracie in her pig tails.
Coen either pulling shoes off or putting them on -
Jen says he's into changing clothes constantly these days.
Stevie with his sweet little girl.
GG Neal and GG Haupt
Steve watching the kids have fun.
Hadley and sisters Jen & Becky.
We had fun but missed Jessie who was off on a business trip.
Happy Birthday kids - love all you guys!!

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