Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

In the late summer of 1969 I was getting ready for my freshman year of college at Oklahoma Christian. A few weeks before I left for school I had a couple of dates with Steve Haupt. He was a really nice guy with Christian values and he asked for my address before I left. He wrote me often and even called a few times - which was a big deal back then. We didn't even have phones in our dorm rooms - there was one phone for the whole hall and whoever happened to pick it up would yell your name down the hall - so everyone knew when you had a phone call. When Valentines Day rolled around I got a really big surprise - a card, candy, and flowers - all from Steve.

Little did I know that 36 years later I'd still be getting cards & flowers from him. (I told him to skip the candy for obvious reasons). My roses are gorgeous and non-fattening!
Hope everyone has a great Happy Valentines Day !


Stevie said...

awwwwwwwww :)
Happy Valentine's Day MOMMA!!!

Jen Reijgers said...

cute story mom.
happy valentines day.
Love you,

Becky said...

The reason you didn't get any chocolate this year is because he ate it on the way home from the store. hehe!! Just kiddding! Love you both! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!