Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vacations with Daddy

As I was growing up most of our vacations consisted of trips to Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee - but there were a few other trips. I remember once going down somewhere on the gulf. That was when Jimmy got stung by a jelly fish and also my first visit to New Orleans - if you could call it a visit. Daddy drove through and said he couldn't find a place to park so we just kept going. I also remember going to the Smoky Mountains - that was when I convinced Jimmy that their hamburgers were really possum roadkill - he didn't think that was funny. These pictures are from a trip I don't really remember but I've heard stories about. I must have been around 2 or 3 years old so Jimmy wasn't around yet - but we went up to Michigan to see some of mom's sisters (Bess & Ruth) and their families. Mom and Nancy have both told me this story and there is only one slight difference in their versions. We got up early (as usual - daddy liked to be on the road by 4 or 5am to beat the traffic) and got as far as a tank of gas would take us - probably pretty close to Chicago. Mom noticed dad was taking a long time paying the bill and was in a deep conversation with the gas station owner. She jokingly said, "he probably forgot his wallet." Well, she was right. This was back in the time when it was cash only - there were no credit cards. Dad had left his wallet sitting on the dresser at home and he convinced the guy that he was honest and would return with the cash. This is where the story differs. Mom or Joe told me (jokingly, I think) that daddy offered to leave the baby (me) behind as collataral - Nancy says she thinks it was her (the oldest) that he offered to leave behind. Anyway, no one was left. Dad got back in the car, drove straight back to St. Louis (no stops), pulled up in front of the house (no one else even got out of the car), went in and picked up his wallet, got back in the car, refilled his tank at the local gas station and went straight back to the other station to pay his first bill and refill again. Like I said, I don't remember any of this but I'm sure it was a memorable trip for the others.


Becky said...

That is hilarious! Nate would have DIED if that happened to him... Grandpa was a man of his word, huh? He should have just left Uncle Joe and kept going... that's a good trade, right? :)

lilabet said...

That's funny Becky - I think you've inherited Uncle Joe's wit - that sounds exactly like something he would say - except about me.