Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miss Hullings - Part 1

Miss Hullings at 11th & Locust was my first job. I got the job over stacks of other applicants because Aunt Mazie, a long-time dedicated employee there, put in a good word for me - plus Nancy & Joe had both worked there. It was the easiest job I ever got and, except for motherhood, probably one of the most interesting and eye-opening jobs I would ever experience.
These pictures are from a 40th Anniversary promotion they had where I got to play hostess. The one picture is with Mrs. Apted (Miss Hullings). I still remember her driving me and a few other girls to a costume store for this event. She came to a dead stop in the far left hand lane of the highway because we were at our exit. She just sat there and waited until she could pull across the other 2 lanes to exit - I thought sure we were all dead.
When Nancy had worked at Miss Hullings she was a waitress in the restaurant side. I'm guessing she worked for Miss Linda? I do remember she got lots of tips because when the ice cream man would come down the street Mom would tell us to look through her purses in the bottom of her wardrobe for some change. Ask her about the "jello" incident.
Joe, I think, worked either behind the counter or was a busboy for the restaurant side. He was a favorite of Aunt Mazie and Miss Ann's. I'm sure he could probably tell quite a few of stories himself.
I got stuck on the cafeteria side (at least I didn't get sent to the kitchen) with Miss Goldie. I started out as a bus girl - the one who cleans off the tables. After a while I was graduated to bell/bus girl. Which means I still cleaned off the tables but I was the one that would go get that extra pat of butter for you or refill your coffee. You got a few tips as bell girl - but very few. My last job there was as cashier - I never realized how disgustingly dirty money could be - especially when you saw someone dig the money out of their 'hiding place' in their clothing. YUCK!
During the slack times you were always kept busy. I sometimes got put to work behind the counter, sent to the kitchen to roll silverware, sent to a banquet room to set tables, clean off tables or to fill sugar, salt, & pepper jars. Sometimes I was sent up to the bakery to help out or to the bake shop to stock shelves. And then there was this time in the pictures where I played hostess.
I met a lot of interesting or sometimes just plain weird people - both customers and other employees. I'll save them for Part 2. I don't know how Jimmy managed to avoid working at Miss Hullings - you just don't know what you missed Jimmy -ha ha

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Ed. Tritschler said...

You are right. Working at Miss Hullings was very interesting. Before I could be a waitress I had to serve Mrs. Apted. That made me very nervous. I still have to check the silverware when I set the table, making sure the water glass is at the tip of the knife and the fold of the napkin is next to the plate. I learned a lot working in the Charm Room. It wasn't until I left there that I realized it was a great second job. I worked in a drug store when I was 15. I'll tell you about that sometime. Nancy