Friday, June 23, 2006

Where NOT to get a manicure!

David & Lindsey's wedding is this weekend and I was way overdue for a pedicure & manicure anyway. I went to my usual pedicure lady because I feel safe with her. You hear all those horror stories about infections & diseases you can get from some places but she's very particular (she's actually a massage therapist too). However, she only does pedicures. I really needed a manicure but I was very short on time (this volunteer job at church has taken up most of yesterday & today). So I went to this little shop near my house.
I guess I should have known I was in trouble when she told me "for you, twelve dollar". Don't misunderstand me, I have no problem with foreigners but I can't ever get that Jerry Seinfeld scene out of my head when I go for a manicure. I know there are some excellent manicurist that don't speak English - but this shop isn't where they are. They talked non-stop the whole time I was there but they only tried to speak English to me. *Side note- the sign in the shop actually said Manicure - $11.99.
Of course, I caused the first problem. I was hoping to match my pedicure color. I'm still not sure if they didn't understand what color I was saying or they just didn't have it - and bless their hearts, they (and I mean the whole shop- there were 5 of them) searched every bottle and compared it to my toes. I finally convinced them that a color would do just fine - but the father continued to search and compare to my toes the whole time I was getting worked on.
The girl who did my nails was either new at it or the whole group just likes to watch over her shoulder (unfortunately, I was the only customer most of the time). Every single one of them took turns standing over us and felt compelled to ask me questions. "You like?" "That ok?" - Usually I could just smile and say 'yes' and they seemed happy. When she wanted to ask me something she would tell the mother to ask me - but her English only went so far - I think she thinks I'm marrying my nephew this weekend.
The girl almost drew blood as she ruined my cuticles - I'm hoping it's not permanent damage. She almost forgot to put on the undercoat but the father must have reminded her because she scowled at him and said something but then went over to get the bottle she needed. One of the girls spent my whole time there trying to convince me I needed a pedicure also but she finally gave up and packed up and went home. As she left she said "next time you do pedicure too - very pretty" and I said "Ok" - like there will ever be a next time!!
When the torture was over and the nails were painted they left me alone for a few minutes to let them dry - I think this was because another lady had popped in and there were all over her now. But 3 times a different one would come over to check my nails to see if they were dry yet.
I know I'm probably just being cranky because as people they were actually very nice and REALLY tried to make you feel welcome. But I'm not pleased with my manicure or with what I had to go through for it - so does anyone have a good manicurist they'd recommend for next time???


Anonymous said...

I go to place by my house called Top One Nail. They speak little English, but I still love it. They are alway busy. If you are interested, I can give you the number.

Jen Reijgers said...

HELLO??? Did i not suggest Ginger Bay Spa about a million times and they're all english speaking with about 200 colors to choose from. Come over tomorrow and we'll find a color at walgreens and i'll give you a manicure.

Anonymous said...

I bite my nails, but I agree with Sherri, I love the place she goes for pedicures too! I think your nails look nice though!