Saturday, July 01, 2006

Family Get-together

It was good to see Joe & Sandi last week and that also meant we got to see Kelly, Joe, & Karli - we missed Rachel because she's a working girl now. We never see enough of this group and I know it's hard for them to get to St. Louis very often
(I guess we could all go to Colorado??)
But anyway - no one has changed much except the girls - they are really grown up! Joe & Sandi are still the same - lots of fun and silliness! Of course - silliness goes well in this family - and it's not genetic. That's Karl showing Sandi how we pose for pictures in St. Louis and Karli is showing us that she has learned some of her grandpa's tricks. Sandi & Nancy are the sweet innocents - yeah right! And don't let that sweet picture of Joe & Kelly fool you - they are just as silly and as much fun as the rest of them. One more thing - Monday is Kelly's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!!

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