Monday, July 31, 2006

Thirty four years

Thirty-four years ago I was very busy trying to get all the last minute details organized for my wedding. When I look at these pictures and think about how hot it is - I have to wonder 'what was I thinking with long sleeves and high neck' - but that was more the style of that time. Plus, I always broke out in big red blotches on my neck when I got nervous so I was just 'covering up.' Why we chose August had more to do with schedules - ours and our friends - people just didn't travel for a quick wedding weekend like they do now.
Our actual anniversary is Friday, August 4th. Tommy South performed the ceremony and his wife, Linda and Neal Anderson sang for us. I remember we had "Sunrise, Sunset" for the parents to walk in and "One Hand, One Heart" when we lit the unity candle. Strangely enough I don't remember what I walked down the aisle to - just that it was a song I hated but Steve insisted on because it was traditional. I had three bridesmaids, 4 junior bridesmaids, and a flower girl & ring bearer. I remember when I was walking down the aisle the lace on my veil kept catching on the runner and I thought sure it was going to just get yanked off my head before we could get up front. Patty Wareham made my cake and we had a small reception at a small hall rather that the traditional cake & punch in the church basement. (We did, however, have a pot-luck rehearsal dinner in the church basement.) I asked the elders wives to serve the punch at the reception so there would be no questions as to what the ingredients might be. We spent our honeymoon night at the Viking (at Lindbergh & Watson) and spent maybe 2 days at Branson as our honeymoon trip. Actually, I think we stayed in Springfield because we couldn't find a room in Branson - didn't know anything about making reservations back then - and then drove to the Branson area. We decided to head home earlier than planned because we still had to move into our new house on Friar Tuck before we'd have to go back to work.
Weddings are a lot more complicated and EXPENSIVE now ( my dress & veil was less than $100) but we got the deed done. I had about $6000 in my bank account before we got married and we spent it all on the wedding (Daddy bought my dress but the rest was my responsibility) and on furniture for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Thirty four years makes a big difference in the price of things. Anyway, we may not be those same young kids (21 & 23) but we have a lot to be thankful for in all those years - Happy 34th Anniversary Steve!


Ed. Tritschler said...

I think I remember who two of your junior bridesmaids were.
Uncle Ed.

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! I like to hear about those "olden days"... hehe. Just kidding... you're still two young kids at heart! Love you!

Jen Reijgers said...

Happy anniversary! i wrote more on my blog and i stole one of your pictures because i couldn't find one.