Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spencer's First Over-Nite

Spencer came to stay over nite with Nana & Popo last night. It was his first time away from Mommy & Daddy and he did great. We took him to Lion's Choice for dinner cause he likes "turkey, and bun, and fries, and milk" and sometimes he would remember to add "and ice cream". After Popo and Spencer watched a little ballgame (I think Popo was already asleep), Nana and Spencer read a few books and said our prayers. He was so good - he laid right down (as soon as Nana promised him she was sleeping right next to him) and in 10 minutes he was out. He's a restless sleeper just like his mommy was at his age but he slept until 7:30 am so Nana was happy. Spencer was the perfect over-nite guest and I'm glad he enjoyed it so he can come back again.

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Jen Reijgers said...

7:30??? you have no idea how lucky you are. If he makes it until 6 at home i'm happy. So what time should we drop him off next friday? he he, just kidding. Karl and I missed him like crazy but had a fun night out, thanks for watching him.