Friday, July 14, 2006

Almost Family Reunion Time

Nancy tells me she got an email this week reminding us it's almost "McCoy Family Reunion" time down at Reelfoot Lake. The pictures are 1- Reelfoot Lake with what's left of the old dock in the state park. It use to go out further and there would be lots of people out there fishing. Daddy told me on one on his last trips down there that the fish in that lake were not edible anymore and the restaurants use farm fish now - but we use to eat those big ole' catfish! 2- this picture is also of the lake but you can see all those stump looking things - those are 'cypress knees' - at least that's what we call them. They look like tree stumps but they are really part of the existing trees - like the roots. These trees build themselves up so they can grow out in the lake. There use to be zillions of trees out over the whole lake but they have slowly died off. 3- a picture of one of those rare reunions that we got Steve to go to and some of the kids who were too young to have a choice. I guess Stevie is the only one who hasn't ever been. 4- this was the FIRST reunion but it wasn't at Reelfoot - it was at an uncle's farm - we had a fish fry - don't you know Steve was excited!!. 5- Jenny would listen to Aunt Nancy and I talk about all the fun we had on these trips so she decided she would come along by choice once - but it was only once. She was a good sport but once was all we ever talked her into. At least she got a t-shirt!
The reunions are a good time to share memories and hear stories about momma & daddy that we never knew. Saturday we have a lot of laughs, lots of catching up with families, and a good home cooked country meal. Sunday morning we worship with the family (who are all Baptist) - complete with a preacher (Uncle Jesse) and sometimes an organist, take some pictures, and then we go make ourselves sick on every imaginable fried food there is: fried fish, chicken, onion rings, french fries, hush puppies - add a little very salty country ham, beans, slaw, apples - makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

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Ed. Tritschler said...

Reelfoot/family reunion is ok but this year is your turn to enjoy with your sister.I am looking forward to a nice and quiet weekend.