Saturday, August 19, 2006

Weekend Theme

I just finished reading a good book, "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. It was a memoir of her life starting when she was 3. Jeannette was one of four children raised by seemingly intelligent but unresponsible, lazy, and selfish parents. She knew what it was like to have food on the table one day and to dig in the trash for food for weeks. She did a really good job of not dwelling on some of the misery she went through - she gave you enough to get the idea without making you feel real depressed and she gave you reason to cheer now and then. It was a quick read and well written - but about hard times.
This morning Steve & I went down to Kimmswick to check out the shops and (of course) to eat lunch at the Blue Owl. Kimmswick looks like it has really fallen on hard times. A lot of shops were closed, some were vacant, and the ones that were open had very little business. Blue Owl was doing a good business though. We didn't indulge in any of their famous pies but they sure looked good.
This afternoon we went to see a movie that has been out for months, Prairie Home Companion. It was a cute movie - but again it was about old days and the closing down of a radio show - hard times.
Tonight I watched a Miami CSI repeat - and wouldn't you know it was about IRS agents getting killed for turning people out into the street - more hard times.
Are you seeing the theme of my weekend so far? I'm not sure if I want to go watch the news! But really, I'd recommend the book, the movie, and CSI is always good even if it is a repeat - however, I'd only go to Kimmswick if you want to eat at the Blue Owl - the rest of the town is rather sad. I already know tomorrow will be more cheerful - worship with family & friends is always good times. Hope your weekend has been full of very good times!

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Ed. Tritschler said...

It was a lot more fun at the farm. We ended Sat. evening with pizza from Happy Joes with the Taylors.
and Kelsey kept us entertained all evening.
Uncle Ed