Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's Happening

I guess I'm getting old - I'm not use to so much going on at once. Of course the latest big news is that Coen Jesse was born to Jen & Karl and big brother Spencer. He's a doll - actually, he looks just like Spencer at that age. Poor Spencer hasn't had a chance to 'bond' with his brother yet because the big brother has been so sick with a cold, ear & eye infections, and fever. But we're hoping that he's starting to feel better. Jen & Coen stay tucked away in their bedroom while Karl tries to make Spencer feel better.
Becky & Nate were gone this weekend on a ski trip - looks like they had a great time - but I'm just glad they're home safe & sound. Monday is Nate's birthday - Happy Birthday Nate!!
Stevie & Jessie are doing some work on their house - they are trying to get their basement finished. We just got our "Parent's Album" from their wedding - the pictures came out great. So much going on it's hard to believe that they are still newly weds.
Steve & I are still sleeping in the guest room waiting on our new bedroom furniture. The mattress & box springs is suppose to come today so I guess that's something. At least the weather has been nice the last few days - I'm hoping we're done with winter for awhile.
And one more birthday wish before I close - Happy 39th Birthday Big Brother Joe!!!:)

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