Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14

My calendar today says "Becky's birthday" 
and "Spencer's graduation"
Wow - how quickly time is passing. 
Now Becky is all grown up and the wonderful mommy to
our Gracie girl (Get Well Gracie!)
But once she was my little girl 
and I was her mommy
 -well, actually she is still my little girl 
and I am still her mom
 - but you know what I mean!

And it's unbelievable that
 Spencer is old enough to be graduating Pre-K
 and getting all ready for Kindergarten.
Congratulations Sweet Spencer - LOVE YOU!!
(And now Coen is sick too - Get Well Coen!!)
And as long as I was finally updating my blog,
 I figured I'd throw in a few photos from the
 weekend 50th anniversary party - 
It was fun seeing everyone -
Love and Congrats again to Ed and my favorite sister!

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Becky said...

Thanks mom! And thanks for the groceries yesterday!!! :) Love you!