Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 Years Wait - for This?

About 20 years ago we took the kids down to Branson and on Steve's list of things to do (and anyone who has been on a trip with Steve knows there's a list) was to see the Shoji Tabuchi show.
However, this was his 'last day' event on the list and by that time the kids (who were about 13, 9, and almost 8) had come to the end of their limit with his 'shows to see'.
We ended up going home instead.

Years later there were at least a couple of times when he tried to get us in to see the show but either it didn't fit the plans or Shoji was on his own vacation.

I almost couldn't believe it when at intermission he turned to me and said, "This is awful - let's leave." The irony was too much so I made him let me take his picture by the Shoji sign. But at least we got to see the 'famous' bathrooms - they were quite impressive.
Other than that show we had a good time and did several things we had never done in Branson before. We took the Branson Scenic Train Tour, went to the Dixie Stampede, saw SIX, The 60's Show, and Red Skelton show - all which was pretty good. We of course went to Mel's Hard Luck Cafe and stopped in to see Liz (Mel was working at home) and we went down to the Landing where we ran into Jonathas who told us to go eat at Shorty Small's (I think that was the name) - anyway it was yummy!

Now we're back home and trying to get the house back together after having the wood floors finished -which is why we left town in the first place.
Lucky for us none of the local thieves knew that the floor people had left our front door unlocked :).

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