Monday, April 03, 2006

My Favorite Baseball Player

Those who really know me know that I am not a big sports fan. So I guess it's no big surprise that I didn't watch the first Cardinal game of the season today. My husband and kids are better fans than I am - especially my husband and son. When Stevie turned 3 he started preparing himself to play with the Cardinals - it was his main goal in life back then. Because of him, I know (and probably forgotten) more than I ever thought I would about rules and trivia of baseball.
Stevie is for sure my favorite baseball player. He's the only reason I would sit out in the sun for hours and swat bugs at night while he played ball. When they won it was a great time. But when he felt like he didn't do his best I hated taking him or his father home with me. I finally learned to just shut up cause he didn't want to hear my 'encouraging words'.
He got the nickname Homerun Haupt and Steve likes to tell the story of how I took Stevie to his first practice and he couldn't hit a single ball. Stevie was too young to know and I had no idea that I was suppose to tell his coach he batted lefthanded - once his coach got the message Stevie was a 'homerun hitter'.
I know he probably still thinks being a Cardinal would be neat, but personally I'm glad he opted for a more normal lifestyle - besides - I'm not sure Jessie (a Cubs fan) would agree to marry him if he played for the Cardinals??


Stevie said...

Thanks Mom! That's very sweet of you! You're my favorite photographer! i thought everybody had forgotten I used to play baseball.

Jessie said...

I would possibly have to reconsider....just kidding! I love Stevie no matter what :) Go Cubbies!