Thursday, April 06, 2006

Watering the Grass

Steve planted some new plants for me around our Sweetgum tree in the backyard - with all the tree roots there we have trouble getting anything to grow. Of course, my job is to keep it watered - which I haven't had to worry about this week since we've had a pretty consistent amount of rain. But as you can see from this picture - watering the grass has always been part of my job. When I was a bit older and really would be asked to water the yard (which was rare because I think Mama enjoyed this job too) I never minded at all. Not only was it easy and fun to walk around the yard and give all those little plants and grass a drink - it was therapeutic. We always did it in the evening - after supper but before the bugs started biting - and it was just nice & peaceful. You could hear a dog bark, kids playing somewhere down the street, or maybe neighbors visiting a few yards over - but the noise wasn't intrusive. It was one of those jobs you could do without thinking about what you're doing - but because you had a water hose nobody came around to pester you - unless they just wanted to get squirted. I did a lot of daydreaming as I watered the yard. This picture with the old garage brings back several memories too - twice I stepped on a rusty nail in that garage (I wasn't suppose to be playing around in there). And those two front windows always looked like eyes to me - mama had a great big peony bush planted right in front under those windows. I don't remember that trellis gate but further over (you can't see it here) we had an ash pit. It was like a concrete square where I think they use to burn trash. I'm not really sure - we just had one - kinda like the well - it was just a leftover from earlier days. Of course, this yard looks nothing like this anymore - the ashpit is gone and the garage was replaced with a much bigger one that took up a big chunk of the yard. Just like the backyard we have now - it has shrunk big time since we've moved here - I'll have to find some old pictures for 'before & after'. Well, if it ever quits raining I can go back to watering those plants and see if we can get something to grow this time - but at least I'll have a little daydreaming time if nothing else.

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Becky said...

You can come to water my plants ANY time you want! I ALWAYS get bit when I do it. Our new house will have a sprinkler system, so we should be set there! We're getting a showing tomorrow morning! Halelujah! First one in a week!! Where are all of those stinkin' buyers? Love you!