Sunday, April 16, 2006

We had a good Easter 2006 - of course Spencer was the life of the party. All but the first picture are pictures of our guests for Easter dinner except somehow GG (Grandma Haupt) managed to keep ducking the camera. You may have noticed that Stevie & Jessie are missing but Charlee was included - we got to dog-sit while the kids had a mini-trip to San Diego to visit Jessie's sister. The guests were GG, Sarah Gentry, Becky & Nate Kelley, Karl, Spencer, & Jenny Reijgers and Charlee.
The top picture is from Easter long ago. It is me, Joe, & Nancy standing out front of our house on Osceola. Don't you love my 'bonnet'? You can see the big tree out front that I loved but it tore up the sidewalk so the city removed it. You may also notice that there is a long city block of sidewalk behind us. Mama says that when I was 2 and suppose to be taking a nap on the living room floor that she heard the front screen door slam. She went to check to see who ran out and forgot to lock the door (so I wouldn't toddle off) and realized that I was gone. She went out to the front walk where we are standing for this picture and saw me in just my diaper rounding the corner at the top of the block. I believe Joe was the one that caught up with me before I came to any harm. I must have been pretty fast!

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