Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guess Whose Wedding -Part 1

Ok - so the last Guess Who was too easy - and this one probably is too. But just for fun and since it's almost Ed & Nancy's anniversary - tell me whose wedding it is and who is in the pictures. Don't look at 'comments' until you have your answer so I can see if you guys really know.


Jen Reijgers said...

o.k. i'll play
#1 hmm, Edward and Karens??
#2 yours
#3 Terri and Joes (nice one mom)
#4 Sherri and Shawn

Ed. Tritschler said...

ok here goes
1--- Ed & Karen
2--- Steve 7 Ann
3--- Terri 7 Joe
4--- Sherri & Shawn
Tis is without Nancy as she is in Ark.

lilabet said...

You guys got these right.