Monday, May 08, 2006

Mother's Day

This Sunday will be Mother's Day and this picture always reminds me of that holiday. The bush I am standing in front of is a wild white rose bush and Mr. George Anderson (Neal's father) who lived across the alley from us, came and picked a white rose every Mother's Day to wear in his lapel in honor of his mother. Mama said you were suppose to wear a red rose if your mother is living and a white rose if she is deceased.
Mothers are not perfect but I'll never understand a mother who does not give a child all the love and caring they need. I don't really remember my mama telling me she loved me or even getting hugs and kisses, although I'm sure I did - but I always knew without a doubt that she loved me. She showed her love in so many other ways.
Tonight as I was hanging up the phone after speaking to one of my children, I said "I love you" as I do almost every time that I talk to them - and I heard a chuckle. It wasn't the first time I've wondered if my kids understand that even though I say "I love you" almost automatically and always offer at least a hug if not also a kiss when I'm with them that I really do love them more than I can ever say or express. I try to let you know I love to you in other ways as well but I never want there to be any doubt. I'm not perfect kids and maybe you think I say it too often or you get tired of my motherly affection - but get use to it - cause I can't stand the thought of you ever thinking for a minute that I don't love you. As you each have your own children you'll understand it better - right Jen?
love & hugs & kisses to my family who are all good sports and have never refused me a hug!


Becky said...

I know that was directed at me! And of course I know you love me... never a doubt in my head. I laugh, because Nate always knows it was you on the phone when I say "I love you too" (unless he thinks I have a boyfriend or something... hehe). Thank you for saying it though... it means a lot to hear it. You're the best mom ever!!!! :) It's like what Julia Roberts says on "My Best Friend's Wedding"..."when you love someone, you say it!" I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ed. Tritschler said...

Your mother was a great woman and a terrific mother inlaw.

KT said...

I don't understand mothers or fathers that don't love their children enough tot ake care of them either. But I'm thankful that one mother loved him enough to give him up, b/c I don't think I would have been able to give him back :)