Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer in the City

I already miss those nice cool 60's we had about a week or so ago. We had a nice holiday weekend though. Steve played golf with Karl, Stevie, & Jessie. I visited with Jen & Spencer (and Charlee) until they got home and we had a little cookout lunch. Becky & Nate were busy trying to get somewhat settled into their new home most of the day but they came by late last night and we got Becky and the cats (Miss Jonah & Samson) settled in for the night. Becky & the cats will stay here until they get some floors finished at their new home - and Nate can stay too if he could ever pull himself away from all the late night work at the house. This picture just reminded me of those good ole summer days when the kids were little and we could still contain them in a little kiddie pool. Parents of younguns - enjoy those days - they are so much fun! I can truly say I have enjoyed and loved every age my children have been but there are such special bonds and memories made during those very young years. I guess in some ways even my adult children will always be those little kids in the pool to me.

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