Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Claus visits - then and now

Christmas is a season that always brings memories of many sorts.  I am very lucky that all my memories have been happy ones - or at least not awful. 
Christmas flickers:  
-The song "Silver Bells" always transports me to Cherokee street where mama would take us on the bus to do our 'shopping' and the street always seemed so magical and 'Christmasy' with bells and holiday greetings type chatter.
-Talking to Jen about all the illnesses their family is going through right now reminded me of a Christmas when I was awful sick (maybe measles?) and I laid on the couch and stared at the Christmas lights and ornaments for hours at a time (did we not have a tv back then??)
-My grandkids visiting Santa - my own visit when I was old enough to remember.  Mama took us downtown to the Famous-Barr to visit Santa and we got to check out all the store windows that were always a main attraction with all the animations.

Because Steve is the 'Piano Man' for Breakfast with Santa we get to join in with the fun.  Gracie wasn't able to come but be sure to check out Becky's blog for her Santa picture - and I'm sure Jen with have better photos on hers as well.  

Spencer and Coen seemed quite comfortable on Jolly St. Nick's lap.

Jackson was spared all the trauma - his daddy is jolly enough.
(Who does he remind you of Jimmy??)
Ayden did not want to get near Santa -
 she much preferred sitting with her cousins and watching Popo do his stuff.
Now for some memories - 
Jen, Becky, & Stevie when they were old enough to like Santa.
Stevie wouldn't sit on his lap but Mrs. Claus could hold him.
This was a riot - Jenny is trying to hang on to Stevie while I'm trying to keep Becky from bolting -  the little ones were not too fond of Santa at this point.
Before siblings - Jenny posing just perfectly.
I guess she takes after her cousin Terri Ann
(Uncle Ed tells me that this picture which is marked "Ann" on my copy so I thought was me is actually his daughter - and he probably knows best since I wouldn't remember either way.)
Well, my shopping is all done and just a few presents left to wrap - I'm ready to just enjoy the holiday now.  Merry Christmas everyone - hope your holidays are great!!


Anonymous said...

That Stevie is one handsome guy. [Guess who put this here]

lilabet said...

Either Stevie or Jimmy - ha ha

Conni H. said...

Ann- the picture of you and Santa is just precious... thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

I never saw that one of you and Santa!!! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are Steveie's shoes????

Anonymous said...

Where are Steveie's shoes????

Jen Reijgers said...

I love that last pic. of you and Santa, it look like it should be a framed picture or postcard or something. By the way, you took much better pictures than I did at Breakfast with Santa so i may need to steal some.

Ed. Tritschler said...

You may want to take another look at your picture. I have the same one in my hand and it has written on the back Terri & Santa first Xmas 1961.
One of us is wrong.
Your favorite Brother in-law.

Anonymous said...

Maybe mama got it wrong then because mine says Ann on the back - how funny