Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Ones That Didn't Get Away

Every summer during my childhood we would make at least one visit to Tennessee. We went to Tiptonville and Ridgley where Mama and Daddy had grown up. Actually Nancy and Joe had lived there until 1949 or 1950. We had relatives still living there then and my parents knew a lot of people - some of them may still be there. (I know when Nancy and I go to the family reunion it's not unusual to run into someone who will mention they knew our parents or other relatives.) We always stayed at the same place out on the lake (Reelfoot Lake). It only had three or four cabins and then one large place where we always stayed that was like a small house. I remember our cabin had a couple of bedrooms and a kitchen. The "office" where the owner lived was probably some kind of tavern/dance hall and when I would get underfoot in the mornings daddy would take me outside so mama could get things done. We would first go and skip stones on the lake but we often ended up at the owner's place so he and daddy could discuss old friends and fishing. Daddy always let me have a chocolate soda as long as I promised not to tell mama. Only once - Daddy took me in a boat out on the lake to fish. I probably could have gone more often but I refused to bait my own hook or to remove the fish once I caught them. These pictures show the great catch I had that one time - Daddy didn't catch any fish because he spent all his time baiting my hook and unhooking the fish I kept catching. How do you like that one huge fish?? Actually if you look at the top left corner of the picture you'll see part of an arm - Joe was up to his tricks even way back then and I thought it was a pretty clever idea he had! You can see the cabin we stayed in - can't imagine any of my children agreeing to such a 'vacation' spot - but I always had a great time!

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Becky said...

Good job, mom! You're better than I am! I think the only time I put a worm on a hook was at 5th grade camp- yuck. Even then I don't think I caught anything. And what's a chocolate soda anyway? I'm interested in trying one!!!!!! :)