Friday, January 13, 2006

Roger & Me

Jennifer's blog about Spencer's little friends reminded me of my first real friend. Not counting Roy, who was invisible, Roger was the first friend I remember. He lived down the block from me and we were always together in those early years. He played 'house' with me and I would watch him run his huge train set or sit in his garage while he tinkered with his bike.
We both were big Super Hero fans. He was usually Superman or Flash and I was Supergirl or Wonder Woman - we play acted a lot. And we both collected all the comics we could get our hands on. My collection disappeared but I bet he still has his.
Roger was always kind and rather quiet and that suited me fine - we got along great. On Saturdays he would come down and yell "Oh Ann" out in front of the house- why did we do that instead of just ringing the doorbell?? Anyway, we would watch Sky King, Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers - as you can tell from the pictures he was a cowboy fan too.
We always knew that when the streetlights came on we had to go home and sometimes we would walk each other home back and forth until one of our parents would come looking for us. Roger was the only one I ever ran away with too. We packed up some Easter candy and ran as far as the end of the block (which was as far as we were allowed) and then we got hungry and went home. Needless to say - we were never even missed!
As we got older I guess we made new friends and moved on. Roger was a year or two ahead of me and I can remember seeing him in high school and we would say Hi or smile at each other but we never really talked anymore. I don't know what happened to him - I bet he became a rocket scientist or something - but I hope he ended up happy - he was a good friend to remember. Do you remember your first friend?

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Becky said...

That is such a cute post! At first I thought you were writing about Roy, and I thought, I can see him, too!!! haha! But I haven't heard about Roger! How cute! I think my first friend was Kevin Bowels (I can't even remember how to spell his last name! How terrible!) I think that Stevie and I actually "shared" him as our first friend. My one memory of our friendship that stands out is going to his house where his mom would make us peanut-butter play-dough that we could actually eat! How cool! That's funny to think about! Good post, mom! :)