Monday, January 09, 2006

What's In A Name?

Lilabet - no, it has nothing to do with a gambling problem. It is the nickname my mama used for me when I was growing up. My sister called me Elizabeth Ann and my daddy and brothers all called my Annie. Annie is still what most of the family and close friends call me.
My own children often ask me about the nicknames I laid on them - some of them stuck and some are just reminders of their childhood- and usually I have no idea why I call them what I do.
My oldest was sweet pea and shortcake for years but as she got older I was afraid of embarrassing her with those names so I switched to Elizabeth, Liza Jane and J. Today it's usually J, Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer.
Skipping down to my youngest - always has been and still is Stevie most of the time with Cutie thrown in now and then. Of course, Michael when he's misbehaving - which is rare.
And then there's Lucy - I mean Becky- the middle child. This poor child has been given so many nicknames that she sometimes worries if I really remember what her name is. Lucy has been my usual standby but she's been Lucinda, Georginia, Linda, becka lynn, becka boo - I don't even remember all the names I've given her and I'm not really sure why she has so many.
Just lucky I guess.
Of course these are just my nicknames for the kids - their dad has his own list and they even have a few for each other. I'm trying to be careful what I call Spencer when I'm babbling away with him - I'm sure some nickname is bound to pop up some day.
But I believe nicknames are just terms of endearment - no matter how they may have begun - so no matter what I call you - aren't you just glad I called you??


Becky said...

Hey mama! You forgot LADY JANE!!!! That's one of your favorites for me! :) I'm glad you have a blog... it's fun to hear what's going on inside your head, because I know you're a big thinker! I love you and look forward to reading more!!! Love Becka Boo

lilabet said...

You're right - how could I forget Lady Jane!! I'll need your guys' help to remind me of all the things I'm sure to forget - love ya - mama

Anonymous said...

Had to let you know,Mere got a good laugh from reading this.
Love ya-from your good looking brother