Saturday, March 18, 2006

High School Jobs

Steve & I don't go to Kentucky Fried Chicken very often but last night he had a hankering for some. As I was sitting there eating my meal I couldn't help but notice the kids who work there clowning around in the back and it reminded me that Sherri & Edward both use to work for KFC. Then I got to thinking about my first jobs - except for babysitting - I started working at 16 at Miss Hullings Cafeteria. I only worked there about a year and a half - but I had a lot of experiences there. In fact, I may have to do a series of blogs just on Miss Hullings. I started out at 75 cents an hour as a bus girl (cleaning tables), then I graduated to counter work and finally I worked as a cashier. When I quit I was up to $1.25 an hour. The next job I went to was a cashier for Bettendorf (now Schnucks) where I started out at $3.25 an hour - big jump. I know a lot of kids these days don't get those after-school and summer jobs because of all the other activities they have going on in their lives - but in a way it's kinda sad because they are missing out on a big learning experience. Not learing a skill usually - but learning how to deal with people. You have bosses to cope with, co-workers to have fun with, and customers to teach you the fine art of being patient and diplomatic (or tactful) in any number of difficult situations. Most kids didn't start working until they were 16 but I did know some guys who started out as newspaper boys when they were in about 7th grade. When I would leave high school to go catch a city bus for downtown I was with a lot of other kids who were doing the same thing. There were any number of jobs to be had - I had 2 friends (Pam & Janet) who worked at a candy store down the street from Miss Hullings. They learned how to wrap those boxes of candy without using scotch tape. I thought it might be kinda interesting to hear from some of you about other non-career jobs some of you might have had growing up so when I see some kid trying to get a job done I can smile and remember we were all there once.

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Ed. Tritschler said...

Annie,you are so right about the kids today missing out on a real life expierence by not having an after school job.I started working at Davis Photo Supplies on Cherokee street when I was a freshmen in high school at .35 per hour.I stayed there off and on till I married your sister and in fact George Davis was my first adult friend.When I finally quit I was at 2.25 per hour.It is ironic that I started out in photography and today my most enjoyable job at Grants farm is being the photographer.At Davis Photo I did everything including mopping floors,waiting on customers,darkroom work and eventually helping take pictures.My time at Davis Photo was one of my best life expierences.