Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oklahoma Christian

Last night we kept a couple of girls from the OCU choir group and it made me start thinking about my one year (8 months to be exact) at the college. I don't know if they still do, but they worked on a trimester schedule then so we got out of school in April.
The pictures above are from way back then - I'm sure things have changed. Notice in the campus picture how the trees are all leaning - it was a VERY rare day that the wind wasn't constantly blowing there. You use to see all these girls with their 60's puffy hairdos and a thin headscarf wrapped around their entire head - I just let mine get blown around. I threw in the picture of me so you could have a good laugh at the 'fashion' of the time. I was actually just on campus for a visit (I visited at the beginning of the year for 2 years after I had left). The other two pictures are the kids I hung around with. The pj girls were my dorm friends - Claudia (1st from the left) also lived in St. Louis and we stayed in touch for awhile - she was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding. The other girls are Kris, Di, Glenda, & Sue. The picture of the boy & girls is Rex, Deb, & Donna (also called Duck for some reason) - they were my study carrol friends. (We were assigned certain study carrols for a place to study - yeah right!) The three of them were real tight and Rex & Deb got married - they were neat kids - wish I knew where they were now.
I only stayed there for one year because that's all I could afford. My parents grew up when it was a great accomplishment to stay in school through high school -which they both did. I guess maybe the depression had something to do with most of their peers dropping out early. When my older sister graduated high school it was common for a girl to get married or get a job - but between her and I there was the revolution of the 60's - and even though I was female I wanted to go to college. However, daddy didn't see it my way so I was on my own and I had never even heard of school loans.
I also can't help thinking about the dress code differences. You'll notice Deb & Donna are wearing dresses - anywhere on campus outside of the dorm a dress no shorter than an inch above the knee (Deb's is a little short there) was required except for gym class. The big problem was that this was the 60's and the hemlines were SHORT! Mom had to make a lot of my dresses cause it was near impossible to find a suitable length off the rack.
Oklahoma Christian was an experience for me that I'll never forget and I'm really glad I had - I only wish I had done a better job of keeping in touch with the people there -at least I will get to see them in heaven someday.

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