Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kitchen Remodeling

We are getting ready to do some kitchen remodeling - new granite countertops, new sink, and we already have the new lights - plus a bunch of holes in the walls where they needed to be wired. I was trying to remember back to our first kitchen on Friar Tuck when I found these pictures that give you an idea - everything was avacado green! Does it look like the 70's? Oh Yeah! - even Steve's outfit and my hair. On the other side of the kitchen we have Terri Ann, Sherri, and myself in the back row. Mama, Nancy, & Millie at the table. It really wasn't a bad kitchen even though it was small - at least I had a window by my sink back then. Oh well - I don't spend that much time at the sink anymore anyway.

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Becky said...

Those are cute pics, mom! I love seeing old pictures like that! Your kitchen colors remind me of our new house! :) hehe