Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Overdone

I know that most of you are loving this heat and lazy days of summer -
 but I for one long for the crisp cool days of autumn.
The bad part is - it's still only JUNE!!
Mama would say I'm wishing my life away - so I'll try to endure and delight in the pleasures of summer - like fresh tomatoes and watermelon - lots of green and various flowers - no coats and lighter laundry.  Actually, summer just doesn't do much for me but it is easier to delight in what it means for others that I care about: like more golf and baseball games for Steve and the guys; lots of backyard and water playtime for my grandkids and their mommies - and they love Grant's Farm and the zoo.  Summer is worth it just to see them all have so much fun - but I think I'll stay hibernated in the AC and look forward to long walks in the falling leaves and drinking coffee on my back porch.

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Becky said...

I'm a fall kind of girl myself, but I'm with you on the simpleness of summer... it is SO wonderful to throw on a tank top and flip flops instead of layers and layers of clothes... you know me, I freeze easily. Nate keeps our house too cold with the a/c though... you and Nate have the same internal temperature I think! :)