Monday, August 04, 2008

Never on a Monday

About this time 36 years ago I was putting on the finishing touches as I prepared to walk down the aisle.  I don't remember it being this hot that year but I have no idea why I'd plan a wedding in the heat of the summer - plus the wedding dress style back then was long sleeves and high necks - at least air conditioning was common by then!  When Steve and I celebrate our anniversary we are usually low key type of people - I know one year we went to New Orleans and on our 30th we took the kids to Las Vegas - but usually dinner and maybe a movie is more our style.  
This year Steve decided to take off for the day and then asked me where I wanted to go.  I had never been to Washington, MO so I thought that might be a nice little jaunt - however, that was before I knew the heat index would be triple digits.  
So we went to IHOP for breakfast and then had a nice little drive to Washington.  Our plan was to walk around and see what there was to see, have lunch and head back home.  Well guess what - there is not a whole lot to see there and 80% of what is there is closed on Monday.  So I guess we spent about 45 minutes wandering around at a few shops (I think we found 3 open ones), checked out the Amtrak station (even the tourist center next door was closed), and then decided we might as well head home - besides, I was already caving in from the heat.
We ended up going to a matinee to see the Batman movie.  It was alright but so loud it really gave me a headache.  My headache and the heat kinda messed with my appetite so we just grabbed a bite at Fridays and came home.  But that's ok cause we are celebrating again Saturday night with the Beardens - whose anniversary was a few days ago - and are planning to dine at a nice restaurant that night.
Right now Steve is downstairs with his Pinocle buddies and I'm debating whether I want to watch tv reruns or finish reading a book I'm really not enjoying (it's our book club selection).  Maybe I'll just go ahead and start on a new book and finish the other tomorrow.   Which reminds me - I'm running out of books on my list - anyone have some good ones to suggest?  thanks - and stay cool!


jpd said...

My favorite readthis summer has been: Same Kind of Different As Me. Great read..Joan Gupton has my copy maybe she is done with it. i aslo enjoyed Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult (SP?) and Plain Trith by her as well. My book club is reading House By Frank Peretti--not getting into it all. happened to see your blog and saw your book list. what else have you read? I have more books on my selfari shelf on my blog. hello to all

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best celebrations are the low key kind anyway!

From The Edward Tritschlers