Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jessie's Shower

Yesterday we got to shower Jessie & Stevie with wedding gifts. Janice D. very kindly opened her home and had it all festive with fall decor. First we had some very yummy food and then watched Jessie open her gifts. We had a good group turn out - about 25-30 - to wish Jessie & Stevie best wishes and they got a car load of very nice gifts. Beth ( Jessie's mom) and Sarah (her good friend and one of the bridesmaids) was also able to be there. We had a great time. Jessie is a real sweetie and we love her and are very happy to add her to our family. And we know her family loves Stevie too - (her mom told me so.) Just a few more weeks and they will be Mr. & Mrs.

ps - Stevie wouldn't hang around for the shower but he showed us his car packing skills after the shower as he worked every package into one car - I'm just going to assume they all made it there safely!

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